Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación CSIC Sociedad de Química Chemestry 2011

Solution Combustion synthesis of oxide powders

Conferencia a cargo de Ana M. Segadães, Department of Ceramics and Glass Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Solution combustion synthesis (SCS) is a quick, straightforward preparation process to produce homogeneous, very fine and crystalline multicomponent oxide powders and has been used to prepare a variety of oxide materials, namely, ceramics, pigments, nanomaterials and composites. This method exploits an exothermic, usually very rapid and self-propagating redox reaction between the desired metal salts and a suitable organic fuel, which can be ignited at hot-plate temperatures. The composition of the redox mixture is calculated on the basis of a simple valence balance, which is a simpler way of adjusting the reaction chemical equation so that the oxygen released during the conversion of the metal precursors into oxides is exactly that needed for the fuel combustion. Although it might look rather pragmatic, this approach has, as extra and rather valuable merit, the extreme simplicity that it brings to the calculation of reactant mixtures.

Horario: 12:00 horas.

Organiza Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio, ICV-CSIC

Del 25/04/2012 al 25/04/2012
Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio (ICV-CSIC), Campus de Cantoblanco, Madrid
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